YOUR PUPPY WILL COME WITH LOTS OF GOODIES IN THE HOPE OF MAKING A SMOOTH TRANSITION TO THEIR NEW HOME. To order more products, click on the BLUE links below (items shown & listed in care package can vary upon specific puppy's needs--we'll always do for the best interest of our puppies and their new family).

-  FARMINA PUPPY DRY FOOD:  give 1/3 cup (soaked in warm water for 15 min.) 3 times a day + TREATS. Farmina Natural & Delicious Chicken Grain-Free Small & Medium Breed Puppy Formula  (enough to get you going until you are able to order your own). Easy to order on CHEWY FARMINA DRY FOOD 26.5-lb or AMAZON FARMINA DRY FOOD 5.5 Lbs  (I use their dry food as treats, especially for rewards while training: all my dogs love it, it saves $ and I know they are getting healthy treats).

-  CORE CAN PUPPY FOOD:   give about 1 tablespoon with dry food if your puppy isn't eating well. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Puppy Formula (not required/for fussy eaters). You can order more on CHEWY: 12 CANS OF CORE WET FOOD.

- BLAND MEAT BABY JAR:  to supplement meals. This is simply given to encourage you to not be afraid to add food to your dog's dry food. No dry food is perfect and even though we thrive to feed our dogs one of the best dog food (DOG FOOD ADVISOR REVIEW), the reality is that dogs are meat eaters who should have a low carb, no grain, and heavy meat diet. So yes, do not be afraid to introduce red meat, chicken, turkey, liver, eggs, plain yogurt, tuna, sardines, kefir, pumpkin, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil... have fun with those and sprinkle them on top of your dog's food to make their meals healthy and more exciting 😋 

- PUMPKIN CAN:  give about 1 teaspoon a day with food if fiber needed, but do not exceed or could also give diarrhea. Pumpkin is excellent for dogs' digestive systems as full of fibers and antioxidants (not required/for stomach problems or itchy annal glands). You can order more on CHEWY: 12 PUMPKIN CANS. or you could also get dry pumpkin powder PUMPKIN POWDER.

-  WATER:  always have water available for your puppy (glass or ceramic bowls are better to avoid teary eyes). Never ever hold water from your dog, even at night. But remember, your puppy will need to pee about 5 min. after drinking. You can get little portable water bowls for your outings: PORTABLE WATER BOWLS.

-  POWDER GOAT MILK:  to supplement meals. Some puppies get a bit homesick being separated from mom for the first time. We try to wean them at an early age to give mom a break, but still, per our vet, sometimes a puppy needs to breastfeed longer than usual. In that case, you might need to give your new baby some milk as a supplement. Sometimes they just like it and it helps them grow strong and happy (do not supplement with cow milk, dogs can't digest it well). You can find goat milk at your local market, or buy it in a powder form for puppies GOATALAC MILK.

- POWDER PEDIALYTE:  if sick. Yes, puppies are like babies and one of the biggest dangers is for them to become dehydrated, especially if they have diarrhea (which is very common for puppies to get with the stress of moving to a new home). You can go to your local store and get liquid plain Pedialyte, but you can also use this PUPPY LYTE made especially for dogs with a taste of chicken--add a teaspoon in water bowl/to be changed every 24 hours minimum. 

- KARO SYRUP if sick. Hopefully, you'll never have to use this, but better be prepared than sorry (I've never had to use it). When young, puppies are vulnerable to suddenly become very lethargic because of low blood sugar that can rapidly escalate... If you don't react to hypoglycemia, you could lose your puppy in a few hours. It is rare and very preventable: rub your puppies' gums with a little bit of Karo and your puppy will bounce back to life. When young, always carry a little bit with you for safety (It is serious, I know a breeder who lost a puppy not knowing about it--then she saved someone's puppy by telling them about Karo).

- 2 WASHABLE PADS: for potty training. these pads will save your home from the joy of having a puppy 1/2 potty trained. You can get more on AMAZON:  WASHABLE PADS.

-  MINI LEASH, COLLAR & HARNESS for safety & training. These are temporary and your puppy will not yet be familiar with them. They are very small and flimsy, but great to give safety when going to puppies' new home. Also, they are perfect for you to start practicing walking your new puppy on a leash in your home until you get a real collar with tag (name/phone #) and a safety harness, and a longer well-made leash. We recommend that you get a harness for your cavalier as they have fragile necks; ideally, a no-pull dog harness will help you teach your puppy not to pull in a really short time. They come in many colors and sizes: NO PULL HARNESS. Please don't forget that your puppy isn't allowed to go walk outside your yard until you are done with all the 3 puppy shots (usually around the age of 4 months/to be determined by your vet).

- TOYS & CHEWS: for fun! How could we not send our babies with toys and chews? If anything these will keep your puppies busy during the trip to their new home and will occupy them when bored in the early hours of the day when you are still sleeping... In a few months, when they will be teething, you'll need to find stronger toys that can survive a jaw attack. Beware of rawhide, we really don't advise them as so many accidents have happened as they often cause intestine blockages. We like BULLY STICKS and HOOVES (and even those, should be supervised at the end of their life as you don't want your puppy to swallow the end of them).

- AKC PACKAGE:  information. Inside this folder, you will find lots of valuable info from the AKC about the Cavalier King Charles breed. I will add an AKC litter certificate pedigree (you can order your own pedigree once you have picked a name for your puppy). It will also have my contract with a one-year health guarantee for your puppy that I will have signed and that you will need to sign, and the veterinarian paperwork on the puppy that you will need for your own vet (please schedule an appointment to your local vet in the next 3 days following the arrival of your new puppy--it is for your protection and the puppies' best interest).